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About Us

(Left) Dr. Alex Carter, (Right) Dr. Maurizio Corbetta

Maurizio Corbetta, M.D. Principal Investigator

      The brain remains one of the major frontiers in science. The main focus of our research is to understand how different regions in the brain interact and exchange information to mediate behavior in health and neurological disorders. We are studying the functional organization of the brain, and how this organization supports cognitive function, specifically attention. I am also interested in understanding how lesions impact brain function.  We are working on elucidating mechanisms of neurological recovery at the level of large-scale brain systems. We hope that these studies will provide a solid foundation for novel interventions. These efforts are not possible without a supportive family, wonderful collaborators, a dedicated cadre of students and post-docs, a first-rate research university, and funding from the National Institutes of Health.

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