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Clinical Studies

Who can participate in a study?
You may be eligible if you
  • Had a stroke within the past 2 weeks, for the study Understanding the effects of stroke using functional connectivity MRI
  • Have no history of visual or neurological problems for upcoming studies of visual attention in the healthy brain
Why participate in a study?

We hope that our findings will improve medical care for future patients with neurological diagnoses, such as stroke and brain injury.  You can help.
Different areas of the brain control different abilities.  We know that an injury in a given area is likely to cause a given symptom, such as arm or leg weakness, numbness, loss of speech, visual changes, or trouble with thinking and remembering. 
However, it can still be difficult for doctors and therapists to predict recovery and to decide which treatments to use.  Now we are learning that the strength of the connections between brain areas may be just as important as the health of the area itself.
 Functional connectivity MRI provides a way to study these connections.
 We hope that findings from our studies will help doctors to:
  • Predict recovery
  • Choose the right treatment
  • Evaluate the effect of treatments
We need both volunteers with and without neurological diagnoses to participate.

What to expect

Most of our studies involve one or more functional connectivity MRI sessions.  Scan sessions last from 1 to 2 hours.  Participants lie in a closed MRI scanner and rest or perform a task such as viewing images on a screen and pressing a button to respond.  The MRI is non-invasive; no contrast media or dye is used; and participants will not be exposed to radiation. Participants are monitored continuously for comfort and may stop the session at any time.
Some of our studies also involve one or more office visits.  These visits may include interviews, computerized tests, and/or paper-and-pencil tasks.
There is no charge to participants or their insurers for any study procedures. Participants are paid $10-$25 per hour for their time, depending on the type of study.  For participants with neurological diagnoses, we can also arrange transportation to and from study visits free of charge.  Because the procedures are for research purposes, our studies will not provide any direct health benefits, nor will the results be provided to participants.


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