Template images for neuroimaging in Macaca fascicularis
Black KJ, Koller JM, Perlmutter JS
Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO
10 Nov 2005
(last updated 10 Nov 2005)
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Brief description
These images are intended for use as templates for automated 3D image registration algorithms for neuroimaging stidies in cynomolgus monkeys. The MRI template is an average (after spatial normalization) of T1-weighted MRI images from 11 normal cynomolgus monkeys. Coordinates from the 2000 Martin and Bowden Primate Brain Maps atlas of cynomolgus brain can be derived from pixel coordinates in these images according to the conventions described here (they are automatically computed by SPM based on the supplied .hdr files). Details of the images' formation and a test of the accuracy of our image registration software when registering MPRAGE images to the template are included in a forthcoming publication.
cyno_atlas2 and PBM_ac6

Terms of Use
These images are intended for free use by the neuroimaging community. However, we do ask that you please cite the following references in any publications which make use of these images: Black KJ, Koller JM, Snyder AZ, Perlmutter JS: Atlas template images for nonhuman primate neuroimaging: baboon and macaque. Methods Enzymol 2004; 385:91-102. [PubMed] and this abstract: Kevin J. Black, Jonathan M. Koller, Joel S. Perlmutter. Template Images for Neuroimaging in Macaca fascicularis. Program No. 454.18. 2005 Abstract Viewer and Itinerary Planner. Wahsington DC, Society for Neuroscience, 2005. (pdf), (poster). Also, we retain copyright, and any secondary publication or use for monetary gain of these images or any derivative images, without prior written consent, is prohibited. However, without explicit permission you may freely use slices from these images as a background on which to display functional imaging data in your scientific publications. If you agree to these terms, click here to download the images.

Corresponding images are also available for use with baboon and Macaca nemestrina (the pig-tailed macaque).

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