PGY2 selective in neuropsychiatry

Number of residents: maximum 1
Number of months: 4 months half time
Schedule: (provisional) M,W,Th,F mornings and Th afternoon
Goal: This rotation is designed to introduce the resident to clinical neuropsychiatry as a field.
Implementation: See schedule and notes below.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
a.m. MDC with Dr. Racette2(or, consult6

1-2x/month: n'psychol with Dr. Wetzel4 

9am-noon: Grand Rounds, PGY2 Resident Seminar MDC with Dr. Black2 individualized training (1, 6, 7) 8:00-1:00: sleep / epilepsy service5, or individualized training (1, 6, 7)
p.m. child psychiatry child psychiatry Research Seminar 

child psychiatry

individualized training (1, 6, 7

3:00-4:30: MDC video/journal club3

child psychiatry


  1. All residents will:
  2. WU Movement Disorders Center clinic (ground floor of MacMillan Hospital): observe or participate in patient care (follow-up, new, or clinical research patients)
  3. MDC video/journal club (most Thursdays, East Building 2nd floor large conference room).
  4. Roughly 1-2x/month, review the interpretation of neuropsychological tests with Dr. Wetzel, and at least once attend a Wada test with him (i.e. intracarotid amobarbital injections with neuropsychological tests for language dominance)
  5. Sleep / epilepsy clinic: 8-10am review of polysomnograms; 10am-noon patient care; noon-1pm conference (with Dr. Duntley)
  6. Neuropsychiatry consults (0-2+ per week) (with Dr. Black, in coordination with Dr. North and the consultation-liaison service clinical nurse specialist)
  7. Neuroradiology reading room experience (pending further feedback from Dr. Kido)