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NLM PubMed
Black lab manual
NIL FTP site

RIIS reviews
clinic scraps
Bio 200/500

reference and news[To top]

general reference
Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus
Columbia Encyclopedia
Britannica Online (Wash. U. only) 

USNO Master Clock Time
Washington U. / BJC / St. Louis Washington University School of Medicine
WU phone book
BJC phone book
Becker Medical Library

Washington University Library System
Directions to the lab from anywhere (courtesy Yahoo!)
St. Louis Home Page 
St. Louis University School Addresses

St. Louis County Library
newspapers and news services
N.Y. Times 
POSTnet (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) 
The Nando Times (NC)

Deseret News (UT)
The Salt Lake Tribune (UT)
CNN (em português)
mail services
United States Postal Service Home Page
UPS package tracking

Airborne Express Tracking Form
FedEx Tracking Form
airline tickets Expedia
CheapTickets Online
TWA Aviators program (sigh)
WU purchasing
Business Portfolio - The New York Times 
XenonLabs: The Universal Currency Converter 

SecurityAPL Quote Server
Spot prices for precious metals
Current mortgage rates etc.
political How to reach members of Congress
Who are my Missouri elected officials?
Comments on issues by presidential hopefuls
Election agencies (absentee ballots etc.)
language resources Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa (Brasil)
Dicionário Portuguesa (Portugal), e Pt <=> En
CNN (em português)
Online Esperanto dictionary
Esperanto-English online dictionary
Yahoo! Esperanto links
Eo vortaroj
Eo software
The Complete Plays of William Shakespeare
Tarzan of the Apes (and other e-books)
Classic Bookshelf (e-books)
Timecast: The RealAudio Guide 

RealAudio Timecast: Daily Briefing
NARSAD virtual postcards

Virtual Florist

medicine[To top]

movement disorders
general neurology
general psychiatry
general medicine / reference

movement disorders[To top]
The Movement Disorders Center (Wash.U. StL)
WE MOVE (info on many movement disorders)
WUSM Department of Neurology Home Page

Joel's research (Focal Spot article, 1994)
syndrome info and support groups
Tourette Syndrome
Facing Huntington's Disease 
Niemann-Pick disease 
Rett mini fact sheet 
Wilson's disease mini fact sheet 
Wilson's Disease Association (1-800-399-0266)
The Dystonias Fact Sheet
miscellaneous Rating Scales -- Neurological Rating Scales
Huntington Study Group
journals Movement Disorders

general neurology[To top]
The Movement Disorders Center (Wash.U. StL) 

Department of Neurology Home Page
Hardin Meta Directory - Neurology/Neurosciences
Neurology Network Commentary - Home Page
Dana BrainWeb: information on brain diseases and disorders
Department of Neurology Home Page
Neuromuscular Differential Diagnosis
Rating Scales -- Neurological Rating Scales
journals Neurology Network Commentary - Home Page
Journal of Contemporary Neurology
miscellaneous Rating Scales -- Neurological Rating Scales

general psychiatry[To top]
Washington University, Department of Psychiatry 
WWW search and starting points
Internet Mental Health 
Yahoo - Health:Medicine:Psychiatry 
Galaxy search: Psychiatry (Other Specialties) 
MedWeb: Mental Health~psychiatry~psychology 
Mental Health InfoSource (Psychiatric Times) 
Psychiatric References (from U. Mich.) 

Milton's InterPsych Page
Washington University, Department of Psychiatry 
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Homepage 
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Home Page 

University of Michigan Psychiatry Dept. home page
Am J Psychiatry info for authors 
Article on recovered memories 
Asperger Info: O.A.S.I.S. On-Line AS Info & Support 

American Psychiatric Press, Inc. The Prime Site for Insight

general medicine / medical reference[To top]
MEDLINE Plus - "one-stop shopping" for medical info
InteliHealth - Johns Hopkins Health 
Internet Grateful Med
Advanced PubMed Search 
WebCites - Becker Medical Library 
NIH clinical trials list
HELIX web site 

HealthGate - Free MEDLINE
ABMS Certified Doctor listing
RxList - The Internet Drug Index
QT-prolonging drugs and Torsades de Pointes
cytochrome P450 and other drug interactions
search drugs on Medscape
STLCOP Library drug info links (St. Louis College of Pharmacy)
drug databases (only available via WUSM/BJC server)
PharmInfoNet database
Food and Drug Administration Home Page
U.S.FDA - CDER Home Page
genetics databases
Entrez, BLAST, GenBank, OMIM, etc.
Search OMIM -- Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

UCSD Biochemical Genetics
diet, tobacco, etc.
The Calorie Control Council
ShapeUp America! Body Mass Index
tobacconews briefings

TobaccoControl Archives
M.D. resources
AVICENNA: The Medical Information Supersite of the World Wide Web

journals Medscape (all-electronic general medical journal)
quackery QuackWatch Home Page
New England Journal of Medicine editorial on "alternative medicine"
JAMA editorial on "alternative medicine"
"Social and judgmental biases that make inert treatments seem to work"

neuroscience[To top]

Hardin Meta Directory - Neurology/Neurosciences 
Dana Alliance on Brain Initiatives
Neuroscience Web Search 
NeuroImaging Laboratory Home Page (many neuroimaging links) 
BIOSCI/bionetElectronic Newsgroup Network for Biology 
WWWVirtual Library: Biosciences 
Neurosciences on the Internet 
Neurosciences on the Internet 

Neuroscience for Kids
    NCBI (click "Map Viewer")
WU WU research office
WUSM core research facilities
WUSM Environmental Health & Safety forms
NeuroImaging Laboratory Home Page (many neuroimaging links) 
"B2K" template images for neuroimaging in baboon

"N2K" template images for neuroimaging in macaque
D&H atlas volumes of interest for baboon PET studies
UCLA Macaca nemestrina atlas (CT, PET, MRI, cryosection) 
Macaque brain atlas online
Automated Image Registration 
Talairach Daemon
All about MRI physics
fMRI Analysis Methods 
Joel's research (Focal Spot article, 1994)

SPM99 and random effects
SPM image output tips
analyze_avw help page
Writers Assistant (instructions to authors, reference, etc.)

Instructions to authors in the health sciences
Journal of Neuroscience
JCATInstructions for Authors 
_Science_ Information for Contributors 

PNAS-- Info. for Authors
J.Neurophysiol. author database
NeuroImage -- Info for authors
NeuroImage -- Ms tracking
Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging -- info for authors
The Scientific World
NIH Home Page 
Society for Neuroscience 

AAAS Home Page
research resources
COS Workbench
RIS (Reference Manager and other bibliographic programs)
Niles & Associates (EndNote and EndLink) 
NIH Guide
NIH Grants Policy Statement

BCM's Office of Research WWW Home Page
AAAS GrantsNet
WUSM Core [Research] Resources
WU Research Office
WU Center of Technology Management
Info on modular grants
meetings Upcoming meetings in the movement disorders community
statistics, math, etc. HyperStat Online
Library of mathematical models
neuroscience for kids Links page (WARNING: infrequently updated)

WWW helps etc.[To top]
Persistent URL home page
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C / C++[To top]

Question 6.16
Dinkum C Library Reference


miscellaneous[To top]

my WU neuroscience faculty web page
my MEDSCAPE doctor web page
my Community of Science profile
my WU Physicians web page
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